The Dilemma of Nothing

The Dilemma of Nothing
, or the philosophy of a guitar string

Is it possible to set up true theories about the fundamental questions of our lives on a purely speculative basis? I asked myself this question and realized that all philosophers have done this. Why shouldn’t I be able to speculate on what’s wrong and what I should do? Are there more important questions? ??? And will I find true answers???
My speculations have some basis: philosophical studies, readings, experience. All this forms a superficial basis for me.
The basic question: materialism or idealism? phenomenological ontology

I reject this dilemma. Today, our world seems to be infinite both in terms of the macro world and the micro world. Scientists are unable to find the smallest particle in the universe, because perhaps there is none. Similarly, the nature of matter and energy is a dilemma. Are they the same or different, just the other side of things, like looking at a mirror from the front and the back? If we really can’t find that smallest particle, then maybe there is nothing. What is nothing really? A couple of striking answers from the Internet:
„Nothing is something that exists because it does not exist”; another: „anything that counts as something can be negated and thereby made into nothingness becomes nothing by becoming non-existent, the main „finding” is based on the negation of -van-, but precisely because of this we tend to forget the negation of the other properties, since the non-existence of the thing, but if you negate a red-dotted ball, then its negation will be a non-red non-dotted non-ball (not a multiple negation because the properties add up and if we were to describe it as an equation there would be no negation sign above the operation sign), i.e. it becomes everything that is not itself from this point of view, everything is almost equal to nothing”
At first there seemed to be two kinds of nothing identifiable. One is within our universe, the other is absolute nothingness. Later I thought that nothing does not exist, and something does not exist in the same way. What we live in is what I call the „nothing dilemma”.
The Dilemma of Nothing
It may seem funny, but it turned out like this: Semmi asked itself the question: is it me? And at that moment, the Big Bang occurred, and the universe began to form. This dilemma maintains the dynamics of existence. Nothing creates something, and something creates nothing. In fact, there can be nothing without something, yet when we look for something, we end up finding nothing. The consequence of the dilemma is that there is time. Later I thought there was no time yet. The Everything from Nothing was formed at the same time. Time can perhaps be best illustrated by progress in space.
Specific interpretation of entropy
It is perhaps typical that a musician derives the foundations of his worldview from musical laws. Perhaps a seemingly logical worldview began to develop in me when I discovered that the overtone system works according to the laws of entropy.
In my particular interpretation, entropy means that all forces tend to equalize. I don’t mean strength here only in a physical sense. The Nothing strives towards the Something.
From now on, we will call this specifically interpreted entropy the law of equalization. According to my understanding, this is the only determining law, the basic law. According to this logic, whoever acts and moves in accordance with this law is acting correctly.
The disturbing thing in my law is that it can only be discovered clearly in the case of homogeneous substances and phenomena. It can be interpreted statistically for complex and complicated systems.

I once thought, e.g. About Plato’s philosophy that it is completely stupid. Today, I think everything is possible.
All time and all versions of the future seem to have co-existed since the beginning. Where does it all fit? Well, this is Nothing in Nothing! We appreciate the change of time in the progress between versions of the future and the past.
An important goal of mine is a non-contradictory theory. That’s right, everyone was striving for that!
It seems rather wild that everything exists and does not exist at the same time!
Not the thought objectively, because in my interpretation the thought is not an outstanding phenomenon of the world. The only „meaningful” idea is directed at the basic questions of philosophy, that is, existence itself, which I think is neither meaningful nor meaningless.

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